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Level Order traversal - Implementation

For example if the given tree is:

Level order traversal will be

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Printing node data level by level.



using namespace std;

struct node{
    int data;
    node *left;
    node *right;

void levelOrder(struct node *root){
        if(root == NULL)    return;
        queue<node *> Q;
        struct    node* curr = Q.front();
            cout<< curr->data <<" ";
            if(curr->left != NULL) Q.push(curr-> left);
                if(curr->right != NULL) Q.push(curr-> right);
struct node* newNode(int data)
    struct node* node = (struct node*)
                        malloc(sizeof(struct node));
    node->data = data;
    node->left = NULL;
    node->right = NULL;

int main(){
    struct node *root = newNode(1);
    root->left        = newNode(2);
    root->right       = newNode(3);
    root->left->left  = newNode(4);
    root->left->right = newNode(5);
    root->right->left  = newNode(6);
    root->right->right = newNode(7);
    printf("Level Order traversal of binary tree is \n");
    return 0;

Queue data structure is used to achieve the above objective.

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