Essential Android SharedPreferences edit forum

Supported data types in SharedPreferences

SharedPreferences allows you to store primitive data types only (boolean, float, long, int, String, and string set). You cannot store more complex objects in SharedPreferences, and as such is really meant to be a place to store user settings or similar, it’s not meant to be a database to keep user data (like saving a todo list a user made for example).

To store something in SharedPreferences you use a Key and a Value. The Key is how you can reference what you stored later and the Value data you want to store.

String keyToUseToFindLater = "High Score";
    int newHighScore = 12938;
    //getting SharedPreferences & Editor objects 
    SharedPreferences sharedPref = getActivity().getPreferences(Context.MODE_PRIVATE);
    SharedPreferences.Editor editor = sharedPref.edit();
    //saving an int in the SharedPreferences file
    editor.putInt(keyToUseToFindLater, newHighScore);

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