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Single TextView with two different colors

Colored text can be created by passing the text and a font color name to the following function:

private String getColoredSpanned(String text, String color) {
    String input = "<font color=" + color + ">" + text + "</font>";
    return input;

The colored text can then be set to a TextView (or even to a Button, EditText, etc.) by using the example code below.

First, define a TextView as follows:

TextView txtView = (TextView)findViewById(;

Then, create differently colored text and assign it to strings:

String name = getColoredSpanned("Hiren", "#800000");
String surName = getColoredSpanned("Patel","#000080");

Finally, set the two differently colored strings to the TextView:

txtView.setText(Html.fromHtml(name+" "+surName));

Reference screenshot:

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