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RenderScript is a scripting language that allows you to write high performance graphic rendering and raw computational code. It provides a means of writing performance critical code that the system later compiles to native code for the processor it can run on. This could be the CPU, a multi-core CPU, or even the GPU. Which it ultimately runs on depends on many factors that aren’t readily available to the developer, but also depends on what architecture the internal platform compiler supports.

Table Of Contents
64 Menu
112 Loader
119 Xposed
132 Colors
134 RenderScript
135 Fresco
140 AdMob
147 Button
156 Vk SDK
170 XMPP
176 OpenCV
200 FileIO
203 Moshi
217 Paint
231 AIDL
241 JCodec
243 Okio
255 Looper
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