Essential Android Instant Run in Android Studio edit forum

Unsupported code changes when using Instant Run

There are a few changes where instant won’t do its trick and a full build and reinstall fo your app will happen just like it used to happen before Instant Run was born.

  1. Change the app manifest
  2. Change resources referenced by the app manifest
  3. Change an Android widget UI element (requires a Clean and Rerun)


Table Of Contents
64 Menu
65 Instant Run in Android Studio
112 Loader
119 Xposed
132 Colors
135 Fresco
140 AdMob
147 Button
156 Vk SDK
170 XMPP
176 OpenCV
200 FileIO
203 Moshi
217 Paint
231 AIDL
241 JCodec
243 Okio
255 Looper
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