A simple POST request with GSON

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Sample JSON:

    "id": "12345",
    "type": "android"

Define your request:

public class GetDeviceRequest {

    private String mDeviceId;

    public GetDeviceRequest(String deviceId) {
        this.mDeviceId = deviceId;

    public String getDeviceId() {
        return mDeviceId;


Define your service (endpoints to hit):

public interface Service {

    Call<Device> getDevice(@Body GetDeviceRequest getDeviceRequest);


Define your singleton instance of the network client:

public class RestClient {

    private static Service REST_CLIENT;

    static {

    private static void setupRestClient() {
        // Define gson 
        Gson gson = new Gson();

        // Define our client 
        Retrofit retrofit = new Retrofit.Builder()

        REST_CLIENT = retrofit.create(Service.class);

    public static Retrofit getRestClient() {
        return REST_CLIENT;


Define a simple model object for the device:

public class Device {

    private String mId;

    private String mType;

    public String getId() {
        return mId;

    public String getType() {
        return mType;


Define controller to handle the requests for the device

public class DeviceController {

    // Other initialization code here...

    public void getDeviceFromAPI() {

        // Define our request and enqueue 
        Call<Device> call = RestClient.getRestClient().getDevice(new GetDeviceRequest("12345"));

        // Go ahead and enqueue the request 
        call.enqueue(new Callback<Device>() {
            public void onSuccess(Response<Device> deviceResponse) {
                // Take care of your device here 
                if (deviceResponse.isSuccess()) {
                    // Handle success

            public void onFailure(Throwable t) {
                // Go ahead and handle the error here 


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