Built-in two-way Data Binding

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Two-way Data-Binding supports the following attributes:

Element | Properties –––––––– | –––––––––– AbsListView | android:selectedItemPosition CalendarView | android:date CompoundButton | android:checked DatePicker | android:yearandroid:monthandroid:day EditText | android:text NumberPicker | android:value RadioGroup | android:checkedButton RatingBar | android:rating SeekBar | android:progress TabHost | android:currentTab TextView | android:text TimePicker | android:hourandroid:minute ToggleButton | android:checked Switch | android:checked


<layout ...>
        <variable type="com.example.myapp.User" name="user"/>
    <RelativeLayout ...>
        <EditText android:text="@={user.firstName}" .../>

Notice that the Binding expression @={} has an additional =, which is necessary for the two-way Binding. It is not possible to use methods in two-way Binding expressions.

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