Capture crashes using Sherlock

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Sherlock captures all your crashes and reports them as a notification. When you tap on the notification, it opens up an activity with all the crash details along with Device and Application info

How to integrate Sherlock with your application?

You just need to add Sherlock as a gradle dependency in your project.

dependencies {
    compile('com.github.ajitsing:sherlock:1.0.1@aar') {
        transitive = true

After syncing your android studio, initialize Sherlock in your Application class.

package com.singhajit.login;


import com.singhajit.sherlock.core.Sherlock;

public class SampleApp extends Application {
  public void onCreate() {

Thats all you need to do. Also Sherlock does much more than just reporting a crash. To checkout all its features take a look at this article.


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