Android Dagger 2 suggest change

Component setup for Application and Activity injection

A basic AppComponent that depends on a single AppModule to provide application-wide singleton objects.

@Component(modules = AppModule.class)
public interface AppComponent {

    void inject(App app);

    Context provideContext();

    Gson provideGson();

A module to use together with the AppComponent which will provide its singleton objects, e.g. an instance of Gson to reuse throughout the whole application.

public class AppModule {

    private final Application mApplication;

    public AppModule(Application application) {
        mApplication = application;

    Gson provideGson() {
        return new Gson();

    Context provideContext() {
        return mApplication;

A subclassed application to setup dagger and the singleton component.

public class App extends Application {

    AppComponent mAppComponent;

    public void onCreate() {

        DaggerAppComponent.builder().appModule(new AppModule(this)).build().inject(this);

    public AppComponent getAppComponent() {
        return mAppComponent;

Now an activity scoped component that depends on the AppComponent to gain access to the singleton objects.

@Component(dependencies = AppComponent.class, modules = ActivityModule.class)
public interface MainActivityComponent {

    void inject(MainActivity activity);

And a reusable ActivityModule that will provide basic dependencies, like a FragmentManager

public class ActivityModule {

    private final AppCompatActivity mActivity;

    public ActivityModule(AppCompatActivity activity) {
        mActivity = activity;

    public AppCompatActivity provideActivity() {
        return mActivity;
public FragmentManager provideFragmentManager(AppCompatActivity activity) {
    return activity.getSupportFragmentManager();

Putting everything together we’re set up and can inject our activity and be sure to use the same Gson throughout out app!

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

    Gson mGson;

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

                .activityModule(new ActivityModule(this))

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