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Creating a component from multiple modules

Dagger 2 supports creating a component from multiple modules. You can create your component this way:

@Component(modules = {GeneralPurposeModule.class, SpecificModule.class})
public interface MyMultipleModuleComponent {
    void inject(MyFragment myFragment);
    void inject(MyService myService);
    void inject(MyController myController);
    void inject(MyActivity myActivity);

The two references modules GeneralPurposeModule and SpecificModule can then be implemented as follows:

public class GeneralPurposeModule {
    public Retrofit getRetrofit(PropertiesReader propertiesReader, RetrofitHeaderInterceptor headerInterceptor){
        // Logic here...
        return retrofit;

    public PropertiesReader getPropertiesReader(){
        return new PropertiesReader();

    public RetrofitHeaderInterceptor getRetrofitHeaderInterceptor(){
         return new RetrofitHeaderInterceptor();

public class SpecificModule {
    @Provides @Singleton
    public RetrofitController getRetrofitController(Retrofit retrofit){
        RetrofitController retrofitController = new RetrofitController();
        return retrofitController;

    @Provides @Singleton
    public MyService getMyService(RetrofitController retrofitController){
        MyService myService = new MyService();
        return myService;

During the dependency injection phase, the component will take objects from both modules according to the needs.

This approach is very useful in terms of modularity. In the example, there is a general purpose module used to instantiate components such as the Retrofit object (used to handle the network communication) and a PropertiesReader (in charge of handling configuration files). There is also a specific module that handles the instantiation of specific controllers and service classes in relation to that specific application component.

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