Android Retrofit2 edit

Debugging with Stetho

Add the following dependencies to your application.

compile 'com.facebook.stetho:stetho:1.5.0' 
compile 'com.facebook.stetho:stetho-okhttp3:1.5.0'

In your Application class’ onCreate method, call the following.


When creating your Retrofit instance, create a custom OkHttp instance.

OkHttpClient.Builder clientBuilder = new OkHttpClient.Builder();
clientBuilder.addNetworkInterceptor(new StethoInterceptor());

Then set this custom OkHttp instance in the Retrofit instance.

Retrofit retrofit = new Retrofit.Builder()
    // ...

Now connect your phone to your computer, launch the app, and type chrome://inspect into your Chrome browser. Retrofit network calls should now show up for you to inspect.

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