Android Define step value for RangeSeekBar edit

Define step value increment for custom RangeSeekBar




A customization of the Android RangeSeekBar proposed by Alex Florescu at

It allows to define a step value (increment), when moving the seek bar


1- Add the increment attribute in attrs.xml

<attr name="increment" format="integer|float"/>

2- Define a default value in and create the attribute also

private static final int DEFAULT_INCREMENT = 1;
private int increment;

3- Init the increment value in private void init(Context context, AttributeSet attrs)

if (attrs == null) 
    increment = DEFAULT_INCREMENT;
    increment = a.getInt(R.styleable.RangeSeekBar_increment, DEFAULT_INCREMENT);

4- Define the increment value in protected synchronized void onDraw(@NonNull Canvas canvas)

You’ll have to replace the minText and maxText value. So instead of :

You’ll have :

int x;

x = (int) ((getSelectedMinValue().intValue()+increment)/increment);
x = x*increment;
if (x<absoluteMaxValue.intValue()) 
    minText = ""+x;

x = (int) ((getSelectedMaxValue().intValue()+increment)/increment);
x = x*increment;
maxText = ""+x;

5 - Now you just have to use it. Hope it helps

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Define step value for RangeSeekBar/
Define step value increment for custom RangeSeekBar
Define a step value of 7

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