Android ADB Android Debug Bridge edit

Direct ADB command to specific device in a multi-device setting

1. Target a device by serial number

Use the -s option followed by a device name to select on which device the adb command should run. The -s options should be first in line, before the command.

adb -s <device> <command>


adb devices

List of devices attached
emulator-5554       device
02157df2d1faeb33    device

adb -s emulator-5554 shell


adb devices -l

List of devices attached
06157df65c6b2633    device usb:1-3 product:zerofltexx model:SM_G920F device:zeroflte
LC62TB413962        device usb:1-5 product:a50mgp_dug_htc_emea model:HTC_Desire_820G_dual_sim device:htc_a50mgp_dug

adb -s usb:1-3 shell

2. Target a device, when only one device type is connected

You can target the only running emulator with -e

adb -e <command>

Or you can target the only connected USB device with -d

adb -d <command>

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