Endless Scrolling in Recycleview.

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Here I have shared a code snippet for implementing endless scrolling in recycle view.

Step 1: First make a one abstract method in Recycleview adapter like below.

public abstract class ViewAllCategoryAdapter extends RecyclerView.Adapter<RecyclerView.ViewHolder> {
    public abstract void load();

Step 2:

Now override [onBindViewHolder][1] and `getItemCount()` method of ViewAllCategoryAdapter class and call `Load()` method like below.

public void onBindViewHolder(RecyclerView.ViewHolder holder, final int position) {
    if ((position >= getItemCount() - 1)) {

public int getItemCount() {
    return YOURLIST.size();

Step 3: Now every backend logic is complete now it’s time to execute this logic.It’s simple you can override load method where you create object of your adapter.this method is automatically call while user reach at end of the listing.

adapter = new ViewAllCategoryAdapter(CONTEXT, YOURLIST) {
      public void load() {

          /* do your stuff here */
          /* This method is automatically call while user reach at end of your list. */

Now load() method automatically call while user scroll at end of list.

Best Luck

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