Executing a shell script from gradle

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A shell script is a very versatile way to extend your build to basically anything you can think of.

As an exmaple, here is a simple script to compile protobuf files and add the result java files to the source directory for further compilation:

def compilePb() {
    exec {
        // NOTICE: gradle will fail if there's an error in the protoc file...
        executable "../pbScript.sh"

project.afterEvaluate {

The ‘pbScript.sh’ shell script for this example, located in the project’s root folder:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

/usr/local/bin/protoc -I=$pp \
 --java_out=./src/main/java \
  --proto_path=$pp \
 $pp/my.proto \
 --proto_path=$pp \

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