Gradle for Android

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Gradle is a JVM-based build system that enables developers to write high-level scripts that can be used to automate the process of compilation and application production. It is a flexible plugin-based system, which allows you to automate various aspects of the build process; including compiling and signing a .jar, downloading and managing external dependencies, injecting fields into the AndroidManifest or utilising specific SDK versions.


* `compileSdkVersion`: The compile SDK version
* `buildToolsVersion`: The build tools version
* `defaultConfig`: The default settings which can been overwritten by flavors and build types
   * `applicationId`: The application id you use e.g. in the PlayStore mostly the same as your package name
   * `minSdkVersion`: The minimal required SDK version
   * `targetSdkVersion`: The SDK version you compile against (should be always the newst one)
   * `versionCode`: The internal version number which needs to be bigger on each update
   * `versionName`: The version number the user can see in the app details page
* `buildTypes`: See somewhere else (TODO)


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