How to report an error

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Firebase Crash Reporting automatically generates reports for fatal errors (or uncaught exceptions).

You can create your custom report using: Exception("My first Android non-fatal error"));

You can check in the log when FirebaseCrash initialized the module:

07–20 08:57:24.442 D/FirebaseCrashApiImpl: FirebaseCrash reporting API initialized 07–20 08:57:24.442 I/FirebaseCrash: FirebaseCrash reporting initialized 07–20 08:57:24.442 D/FirebaseApp: Initialized class

And then when it sent the exception:

07–20 08:57:47.052 D/FirebaseCrashApiImpl: throwable java.lang.Exception: My first Android non-fatal error 07–20 08:58:18.822 D/FirebaseCrashSenderServiceImpl: Response code: 200 07–20 08:58:18.822 D/FirebaseCrashSenderServiceImpl: Report sent

You can add custom logs to your report with

FirebaseCrash.log("Activity created");

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