Insert data into database

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// You need a writable database to insert data
final SQLiteDatabase database = openHelper.getWritableDatabase();

// Create a ContentValues instance which contains the data for each column
// You do not need to specify a value for the PRIMARY KEY column.
// Unique values for these are automatically generated.
final ContentValues values = new ContentValues();
values.put(COLUMN_NAME, model.getName());
values.put(COLUMN_DESCRIPTION, model.getDescription());
values.put(COLUMN_VALUE, model.getValue());

// This call performs the update
// The return value is the rowId or primary key value for the new row!
// If this method returns -1 then the insert has failed.
final int id = database.insert(
        TABLE_NAME, // The table name in which the data will be inserted
        null,       // String: optional; may be null. If your provided values is empty,
                    // no column names are known and an empty row can't be inserted.
                    // If not set to null, this parameter provides the name
                    // of nullable column name to explicitly insert a NULL

        values      // The ContentValues instance which contains the data

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