Installing Genymotion the free version

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Step 1 - installing VirtualBox

Download and install VirtualBox according to your operating system. , it is required to run Genymotion.

Step 2 - downloading Genymotion

Go to the Genymotion download page and download Genymotion according to your operating system.

Note: you will need to create a new account OR log-in with your account.

Step 3 - Installing Genymotion

if on Linux then refer to this answer, to install and run a .bin file.

Step 4 - Installing Genymotion’s emulators

Step 5 - Integrating genymotion with Android Studio

Genymotion, can be integrated with Android Studio via a plugin, here the steps to install it in Android Studio

You should now be able to see the plugin icon, see this image

Note, you might want to display the toolbar by clicking View > Toolbar.

Step 6 - Running Genymotion from Android Studio

Now you should be able to run Genymotion's emulator by pressing the plugin icon and selecting an installed emulator and then press start button!

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