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Internationalization and localization I18N and L10N


Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (L10n) are used to adapt software according to differences in languages, regional differences and target audience.

Internationalization : the process of planning for future localization i.e. making the software design flexible to an extent that it can adjust and adapt to future localization efforts.

Localization : the process of adapting the software to a particular region/country/market (locale).


To test a device for localization, the device or the emulator can be rebooted in a particular locale by using adb as follows :

  1. Run adb using the command : adb shell
  2. Run the following command at the adb command prompt : setprop persist.sys.locale [BCP-47 language tag];stop;sleep 5;start where [BCP-47 language tag] is the language specific code as described here : BCP47 codes

e.g. to check Japanese localization in the app, use the command : setprop persist.sys.locale ja-JP;stop;sleep 5;start

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