Mapping a NAT port

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String myIp = getIpAddress();
int port = 55555;

//creates a port mapping configuration with the external/internal port, an internal host IP, the protocol and an optional description
PortMapping[] desiredMapping = new PortMapping[2];
desiredMapping[0] = new PortMapping(port,myIp, PortMapping.Protocol.TCP);
desiredMapping[1] = new PortMapping(port,myIp, PortMapping.Protocol.UDP);

//starting the UPnP service
UpnpService upnpService = new UpnpServiceImpl(new AndroidUpnpServiceConfiguration());
RegistryListener registryListener = new PortMappingListener(desiredMapping);
//method for getting local ip
private String getIpAddress() {
    String ip = "";
    try {
        Enumeration<NetworkInterface> enumNetworkInterfaces = NetworkInterface
        while (enumNetworkInterfaces.hasMoreElements()) {
            NetworkInterface networkInterface = enumNetworkInterfaces
            Enumeration<InetAddress> enumInetAddress = networkInterface
            while (enumInetAddress.hasMoreElements()) {
                InetAddress inetAddress = enumInetAddress.nextElement();

                if (inetAddress.isSiteLocalAddress()) {
                    ip +=inetAddress.getHostAddress();
    } catch (SocketException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block
        ip += "Something Wrong! " + e.toString() + "\n";
    return ip;

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