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Performing a Transaction

Transactions can be used to make multiple changes to the database atomically. Any normal transaction follows this pattern:

// You need a writable database to perform transactions
final SQLiteDatabase database = openHelper.getWritableDatabase();

// This call starts a transaction

// Using try/finally is essential to reliably end transactions even 
// if exceptions or other problems occur.
try {

    // Here you can make modifications to the database
    database.insert(TABLE_CARS, null, productValues);
    database.update(TABLE_BUILDINGS, buildingValues, COLUMN_ID + " = ?", new String[] { String.valueOf(buildingId) });
    // This call marks a transaction as successful. 
    // This causes the changes to be written to the database once the transaction ends.  
} finally {
    // This call ends a transaction.
    // If setTransactionSuccessful() has not been called then all changes 
    // will be rolled back and the database will not be modified.

Calling beginTransaction() inside of an active transactions has no effect.

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