PNG decoder

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Decoding the chunks of a PNG file demonstrates Okio in practice.

private static final ByteString PNG_HEADER = ByteString.decodeHex("89504e470d0a1a0a");

public void decodePng(InputStream in) throws IOException {
  try (BufferedSource pngSource = Okio.buffer(Okio.source(in))) {
    ByteString header = pngSource.readByteString(PNG_HEADER.size());
    if (!header.equals(PNG_HEADER)) {
      throw new IOException("Not a PNG.");

    while (true) {
      Buffer chunk = new Buffer();

      // Each chunk is a length, type, data, and CRC offset.
      int length = pngSource.readInt();
      String type = pngSource.readUtf8(4);
      pngSource.readFully(chunk, length);
      int crc = pngSource.readInt();

      decodeChunk(type, chunk);
      if (type.equals("IEND")) break;

private void decodeChunk(String type, Buffer chunk) {
  if (type.equals("IHDR")) {
    int width = chunk.readInt();
    int height = chunk.readInt();
    System.out.printf("%08x: %s %d x %d%n", chunk.size(), type, width, height);
  } else {
    System.out.printf("%08x: %s%n", chunk.size(), type);

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