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SharedPreferences provide a way to save data to disk in the form of key-value pairs.


- public SharedPreferences.Editor edit()
- public boolean contains()
- public Map<String, ?> getAll()
- public boolean getBoolean(String key, 
                boolean defValue)
- public float getFloat(String key, 
                float defValue)
- public int getInt(String key, 
                int defValue)
- public long getLong(String key, 
                long defValue)
- public String getString(String key, 
                String defValue)
- public Set<String> getStringSet(String key, 
                Set<String> defValues)
- public void registerOnSharedPreferenceChangeListener (SharedPreferences.OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener listener)
- public void unregisterOnSharedPreferenceChangeListener (SharedPreferences.OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener listener)
- public void apply()
- public boolean commit()
- public SharedPreferences.Editor clear()
- public SharedPreferences.Editor putBoolean (String key, 
                boolean value)
- public SharedPreferences.Editor putFloat (String key, 
                float value)
- public SharedPreferences.Editor putInt (String key, 
                int value)
- public SharedPreferences.Editor putLong (String key, 
                long value)
- public SharedPreferences.Editor putString (String key, 
                String value)
- public SharedPreferences.Editor putStringSet (String key, 
                Set<String> values)
- public SharedPreferences.Editor remove (String key)


Parameter | Details |

——— | —–– |

key | A non-null String identifying the parameter. It can contain whitespace or non-printables. This is only used inside your app (and in the XML file), so it doesn’t have to be namespaced, but it’s a good idea to have it as a constant in your source code. Don’t localize it. | defValue | All the get functions take a default value, which is returned if the given key is not present in the SharedPreferences. It’s not returned if the key is present but the value has the wrong type: in that case you get a ClassCastException. |


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