Store Retrieve Remove and Clear Data from SharedPreferences

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Create SharedPreferences BuyyaPref

SharedPreferences pref = getApplicationContext().getSharedPreferences("BuyyaPref", MODE_PRIVATE); 
Editor editor = pref.edit();

Storing data as KEY/VALUE pair

editor.putBoolean("key_name1", true);           // Saving boolean - true/false
editor.putInt("key_name2", 10);        // Saving integer
editor.putFloat("key_name3", 10.1f);    // Saving float
editor.putLong("key_name4", 1000);      // Saving long
editor.putString("key_name5", "MyString");  // Saving string
// Save the changes in SharedPreferences
editor.commit(); // commit changes

Get SharedPreferences data

If value for key not exist then return second param value(In this case null, this is like default value)

pref.getBoolean("key_name1", null);         // getting boolean
pref.getInt("key_name2", null);             // getting Integer
pref.getFloat("key_name3", null);           // getting Float
pref.getLong("key_name4", null);            // getting Long
pref.getString("key_name5", null);          // getting String

Deleting Key value from SharedPreferences

editor.remove("key_name3"); // will delete key key_name3
editor.remove("key_name4"); // will delete key key_name4
// Save the changes in SharedPreferences
editor.commit(); // commit changes

Clear all data from SharedPreferences

editor.commit(); // commit changes

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