Updating a row in a table

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// You need a writable database to update a row
final SQLiteDatabase database = openHelper.getWritableDatabase();

// Create a ContentValues instance which contains the up to date data for each column
// Unlike when inserting data you need to specify the value for the PRIMARY KEY column as well
final ContentValues values = new ContentValues();
values.put(COLUMN_ID, model.getId());
values.put(COLUMN_NAME, model.getName());
values.put(COLUMN_DESCRIPTION, model.getDescription());
values.put(COLUMN_VALUE, model.getValue());

// This call performs the update
// The return value tells you how many rows have been updated.
final int count = database.update(
        TABLE_NAME,         // The table name in which the data will be updated
        values,             // The ContentValues instance with the new data
        COLUMN_ID + " = ?", // The selection which specifies which row is updated. ? symbols are parameters.
        new String[] {      // The actual parameters for the selection as a String[]. 

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