Using Enums with Parcelable

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 * Created by Nick Cardoso on 03/08/16.
 * This is not a complete parcelable implementation, it only highlights the easiest 
 * way to read and write your Enum values to your parcel
public class Foo implements Parcelable {

    private final MyEnum myEnumVariable;
    private final MyEnum mySaferEnumVariableExample;

    public Foo(Parcel in) {

        //the simplest way
        myEnumVariable = MyEnum.valueOf( in.readString() );

        //with some error checking
        try {
            mySaferEnumVariableExample= MyEnum.valueOf( in.readString() );
        } catch (IllegalArgumentException e) { //bad string or null value
            mySaferEnumVariableExample= MyEnum.DEFAULT;


    public void writeToParcel(Parcel dest, int flags) {

        //the simple way

        //avoiding NPEs with some error checking
        dest.writeString(mySaferEnumVariableExample == null? null :;


public enum MyEnum {

This is preferable to (for example) using an ordinal, because inserting new values into your enum will not affect previously stored values

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