Doing jobs at specified times repeatedly using systemd.timer

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systemd provides a modern implementation of cron. To execute a script periodical a service and a timer file ist needed. The service and timer files should be placed in /etc/systemd/{system,user}. The service file:

Description=my script or programm does the very best and this is the description

# type is important!
# program|script to call. Always use absolute pathes 
# and redirect STDIN and STDERR as there is no terminal while being executed 
ExecStart=/absolute/path/to/someCommand >>/path/to/output 2>/path/to/STDERRoutput
#NO install section!!!! Is handled by the timer facitlities itself.

Next the timer file:

Description=my very first systemd timer
# Syntax for date/time specifications is  Y-m-d H:M:S 
# a * means "each", and a comma separated list of items can be given too
# *-*-* *,15,30,45:00  says every year, every month, every day, each hour,
# at minute 15,30,45 and zero seconds

OnCalendar=*-*-* *:01:00  
# this one runs each hour at one minute zero second e.g. 13:01:00

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