Finding files according to size

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Find files larger than 15MB:

find -type f -size +15M

Find files less than 12KB:

find -type f -size -12k

Find files exactly of 12KB size:

find -type f -size 12k


find -type f -size 12288c


find -type f -size 24b


find -type f -size 24

General format:

find [options] -size n[cwbkMG]
Find files of n-block size, where +n means more than n-block, -n means less than n-block and n (without any sign) means exactly n-block

Block size:

  1. c: bytes
  2. w: 2 bytes
  3. b: 512 bytes (default)
  4. k: 1 KB
  5. M: 1 MB
  6. G: 1 GB

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