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Option | Description | —— | —— |-a, --all | List all entries including ones that start with a dot |-A, --almost-all | List all entries excluding . and .. |-c | Sort files by change time |-d, --directory | List directory entries |-h, --human-readable | Show sizes in human readable format (i.e. K, M) |-H | Same as above only with powers of 1000 instead of 1024 |-l | Show contents in long-listing format |-o | Long -listing format without group info |-r, --reverse | Show contents in reverse order |-s, --size | Print size of each file in blocks |-S | Sort by file size |--sort=WORD | Sort contents by a word. (i.e size, version, status) |-t | Sort by modification time |-u | Sort by last access time |-v | Sort by version |-1 | List one file per line |

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