The glob

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$ mkdir globbing
$ cd globbing
$ mkdir -p folder/{sub,another}folder/content/deepfolder/
touch macy stacy tracy "file with space" folder/{sub,another}folder/content/deepfolder/file .hiddenfile
$ shopt -u nullglob
$ shopt -u failglob
$ shopt -u dotglob
$ shopt -u nocaseglob
$ shopt -u extglob
$ shopt -s globstar

Bash is able to interpret two adjacent asterisks as a single glob. With the globstar option activated this can be used to match folders that reside deeper in the directory structure

echo **
emptyfolder folder folder/anotherfolder folder/anotherfolder/content folder/anotherfolder/content/deepfolder folder/anotherfolder/content/deepfolder/file folder/subfolder folder/subfolder/content folder/subfolder/content/deepfolder folder/subfolder/content/deepfolder/file macy stacy tracy

The ** can be thought of a path expansion, no matter how deep the path is. This example matches any file or folder that starts with deep, regardless of how deep it is nested:

$ echo **/deep*
folder/anotherfolder/content/deepfolder folder/subfolder/content/deepfolder

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