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Lets the user choose one of multiple options by pressing a single key, and sets the error level as per the chosen option. Absent in Windows 2000 and Windows XP, it was reintroduced in Windows Vista, and has remained in Windows 7 and 8.


An alternative is set /p; seeĀ SET.


$ choice /?                                                                      
CHOICE [/C choices] [/N] [/CS] [/T timeout /D choice] [/M text]                  
    This tool allows users to select one item from a list                        
    of choices and returns the index of the selected choice.                     
Parameter List:                                                                  
   /C    choices       Specifies the list of choices to be created.              
                       Default list is "YN".                                     
   /N                  Hides the list of choices in the prompt.                  
                       The message before the prompt is displayed                
                       and the choices are still enabled.                        
   /CS                 Enables case-sensitive choices to be selected.            
                       By default, the utility is case-insensitive.              
   /T    timeout       The number of seconds to pause before a default           
                       choice is made. Acceptable values are from 0 to           
                       9999. If 0 is specified, there will be no pause           
                       and the default choice is selected.                       
   /D    choice        Specifies the default choice after nnnn seconds.          
                       Character must be in the set of choices specified         
                       by /C option and must also specify nnnn with /T.          
   /M    text          Specifies the message to be displayed before              
                       the prompt. If not specified, the utility                 
                       displays only a prompt.                                   
   /?                  Displays this help message.                               
   The ERRORLEVEL environment variable is set to the index of the                
   key that was selected from the set of choices. The first choice               
   listed returns a value of 1, the second a value of 2, and so on.              
   If the user presses a key that is not a valid choice, the tool                
   sounds a warning beep. If tool detects an error condition,                    
   it returns an ERRORLEVEL value of 255. If the user presses                    
   CTRL+BREAK or CTRL+C, the tool returns an ERRORLEVEL value                    
   of 0. When you use ERRORLEVEL parameters in a batch program, list             
   them in decreasing order.                                                     
   CHOICE /?                                                                     
   CHOICE /C YNC /M "Press Y for Yes, N for No or C for Cancel."                 
   CHOICE /T 10 /C ync /CS /D y                                                  
   CHOICE /C ab /M "Select a for option 1 and b for option 2."                   
   CHOICE /C ab /N /M "Select a for option 1 and b for option 2."

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