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Goes to a label.


goto :mylabel
echo Hello 1
REM Hello 1 never gets printed.

echo Hello 2
goto :eof

echo Hello 3
REM Hello 3 never gets printed. Eof is a virtual label standing for the end of file.

Goto within the body of a for loop makes cmd forget about the loop, even if the label is within the same loop body.


$ goto /?
Directs cmd.exe to a labeled line in a batch program.

GOTO label

  label   Specifies a text string used in the batch program as a label.

You type a label on a line by itself, beginning with a colon.

If Command Extensions are enabled GOTO changes as follows:

GOTO command now accepts a target label of :EOF which transfers control
to the end of the current batch script file.  This is an easy way to
exit a batch script file without defining a label.  Type CALL /?  for a
description of extensions to the CALL command that make this feature

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