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Places files into compressed .cab cabinet file. See also EXPAND.


$ makecab /?
Cabinet Maker - Lossless Data Compression Tool

MAKECAB [/V[n]] [/D var=value ...] [/L dir] source [destination]
MAKECAB [/V[n]] [/D var=value ...] /F directive_file [...]

  source         File to compress.
  destination    File name to give compressed file.  If omitted, the
                 last character of the source file name is replaced
                 with an underscore (_) and used as the destination.
  /F directives  A file with MakeCAB directives (may be repeated). Refer to
                 Microsoft Cabinet SDK for information on directive_file.
  /D var=value   Defines variable with specified value.
  /L dir         Location to place destination (default is current directory).
  /V[n]          Verbosity level (1..3).

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