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Can be used to change or reset the cmd.exe prompt. It sets the value of the PROMPT environment variable.

C:\>PROMPT MyPrompt$G




The PROMPT command is used to set the prompt to MyPrompt>. The CD shows that the current directory path is C:\. Using PROMPT without any parameters sets the prompt back to the directory path.


$ prompt /?                                                                               
Changes the cmd.exe command prompt.                                                       
PROMPT [text]                                                                             
  text    Specifies a new command prompt.                                                 
Prompt can be made up of normal characters and the following special codes:               
  $A   & (Ampersand)                                                                      
  $B   | (pipe)                                                                           
  $C   ( (Left parenthesis)                                                               
  $D   Current date                                                                       
  $E   Escape code (ASCII code 27)                                                        
  $F   ) (Right parenthesis)                                                              
  $G   > (greater-than sign)                                                              
  $H   Backspace (erases previous character)                                              
  $L   < (less-than sign)                                                                 
  $N   Current drive                                                                      
  $P   Current drive and path                                                             
  $Q   = (equal sign)                                                                     
  $S     (space)                                                                          
  $T   Current time                                                                       
  $V   Windows version number                                                             
  $_   Carriage return and linefeed                                                       
  $$   $ (dollar sign)                                                                    
If Command Extensions are enabled the PROMPT command supports                             
the following additional formatting characters:                                           
  $+   zero or more plus sign (+) characters depending upon the                           
       depth of the PUSHD directory stack, one character for each                         
       level pushed.                                                                      
  $M   Displays the remote name associated with the current drive                         
       letter or the empty string if current drive is not a network                       

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