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Used for remarks in batch files, preventing the content of the remark from being executed.

An example:

REM A remark that does not get executed
echo Hello REM This remark gets displayed by echo
echo Hello & REM This remark gets ignored as wished
:: This sentence has been marked as a remark using double colon.

REM is typically placed at the beginning of a line. If placed behind a command, it does not work, unless preceded by an ampersand, as shown in the example above.

Double colon (::) is an alternative to REM. It can cause trouble when used in the middle of sequences in parentheses, like those used in FOR loops. The double colon seems to be just a trick, a label that starts with a colon.


$ rem /?
Records comments (remarks) in a batch file or CONFIG.SYS.

REM [comment]

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