Difference between struct and union

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This illustrates that union members shares memory and that struct members does not share memory.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

union My_Union
  int variable_1;
  int variable_2;

struct My_Struct
  int variable_1;
  int variable_2;

int main (void)
  union My_Union u;
  struct My_Struct s;
  u.variable_1 = 1;
  u.variable_2 = 2;
  s.variable_1 = 1;
  s.variable_2 = 2;
  printf ("u.variable_1: %i\n", u.variable_1);
  printf ("u.variable_2: %i\n", u.variable_2);
  printf ("s.variable_1: %i\n", s.variable_1);
  printf ("s.variable_2: %i\n", s.variable_2);
  printf ("sizeof (union My_Union): %i\n", sizeof (union My_Union));
  printf ("sizeof (struct My_Struct): %i\n", sizeof (struct My_Struct));
  return 0;

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