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International Standard ISO/IEC 9899:201x Programming languages — C

Accessing a volatile object, modifying an object, modifying a file, or calling a function that does any of those operations are all side effects, which are changes in the state of the execution environment.
The presence of a sequence point between the evaluation of expressions A and B implies that every value computation and side effect associated with A is sequenced before every value computation and side effect associated with B.

Here is the complete list of sequence points from Annex C of the online 2011 pre-publication draft of the C language standard:

Sequence points 1     The following are the sequence points described in Between the evaluations of the function designator and actual arguments in a function call and the actual call. ( Between the evaluations of the first and second operands of the following operators: logical AND && (6.5.13); logical OR || (6.5.14); comma , (6.5.17). Between the evaluations of the first operand of the conditional ? : operator and whichever of the second and third operands is evaluated (6.5.15). The end of a full declarator: declarators (6.7.6); Between the evaluation of a full expression and the next full expression to be evaluated. The following are full expressions: an initializer that is not part of a compound literal (6.7.9); the expression in an expression statement (6.8.3); the controlling expression of a selection statement (if or switch) (6.8.4); the controlling expression of a while or do statement (6.8.5); each of the (optional) expressions of a for statement (; the (optional) expression in a return statement ( Immediately before a library function returns (7.1.4). After the actions associated with each formatted input/output function conversion specifier (7.21.6, 7.29.2). Immediately before and immediately after each call to a comparison function, and also between any call to a comparison function and any movement of the objects passed as arguments to that call (7.22.5).

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