Compiling with Visual Studio Graphical Interface - Hello World

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  1. Download and install latest Visual Studio Community
  2. Open Visual Studio Community
  3. Click File -> New -> Project
  4. Click Templates -> Visual C++ -> Win32 Console Application and then name the project MyFirstProgram.
  5. Click Ok
  6. Click Next in the following window.
  7. Check the Empty project box and then click Finish:
  8. Right click on folder Source File then -> Add –> New Item :
  9. Select C++ File and name the file main.cpp, then click Add: 10: Copy and paste the following code in the new file main.cpp:
    #include <iostream>
    int main()
        std::cout << "Hello World!\n";
        return 0;

    You environment should look like:

  10. Click Debug -> Start Without Debugging (or press ctrl + F5) :
  11. Done. You should get the following console output :

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