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This example shows the basic type inferences the compiler can perform.

auto a = 1;        //    a = int
auto b = 2u;       //    b = unsigned int
auto c = &a;       //    c = int*
const auto  d = c; //    d = const int*
const auto& e = b; //    e = const unsigned int& 

auto x = a + b     //    x = int, #compiler warning unsigned and signed

auto v = std::vector<int>;    //    v = std::vector<int>

However, the auto keyword does not always perform the expected type inference without additional hints for & or const or constexpr

//    y = unsigned int, 
//    note that y does not infer as const unsigned int&
//    The compiler would have generated a copy instead of a reference value to e or b
auto y = e;

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