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For cases when we don’t want to write special classes to handle some resource, we may write a generic class:

template<typename Function>
class Finally final
    explicit Finally(Function f) : f(std::move(f)) {}
    ~Finally() { f(); } // (1) See below

    Finally(const Finally&) = delete;
    Finally(Finally&&) = default;
    Finally& operator =(const Finally&) = delete;
    Finally& operator =(Finally&&) = delete;
    Function f;
// Execute the function f when the returned object goes out of scope.
template<typename Function>
auto onExit(Function &&f) { return Finally<std::decay_t<Function>>{std::forward<Function>(f)}; }

And its example usage

void foo(std::vector<int>& v, int i)
    // ...

    v[i] += 42;
    auto autoRollBackChange = onExit([&](){ v[i] -= 42; });

    // ... code as recursive call `foo(v, i + 1)`

Note (1): Some discussion about destructor definition has to be considered to handle exception:

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