Global variables

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To declare a single instance of a variable which is accessible in different source files, it is possible to make it in the global scope with keyword extern. This keyword says the compiler that somewhere in the code there is a definition for this variable, so it can be used everywhere and all write/read will be done in one place of memory.

// File my_globals.h:

#ifndef __MY_GLOBALS_H__
#define __MY_GLOBALS_H__

extern int circle_radius; // Promise to the compiler that circle_radius 
                          // will be defined somewhere

// File foo1.cpp:

#include "my_globals.h"

int circle_radius = 123; // Defining the extern variable
// File main.cpp:

#include "my_globals.h"
#include <iostream>

int main()
    std::cout << "The radius is: " << circle_radius << "\n";'
    return 0;


The radius is: 123

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