Implicit Move and Copy

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Bear in mind that declaring a destructor inhibits the compiler from generating implicit move constructors and move assignment operators. If you declare a destructor, remember to also add appropriate definitions for the move operations.

Furthermore, declaring move operations will suppress the generation of copy operations, so these should also be added (if the objects of this class are required to have copy semantics).

class Movable {
    virtual ~Movable() noexcept = default;

    //    compiler won't generate these unless we tell it to
    //    because we declared a destructor
    Movable(Movable&&) noexcept = default;
    Movable& operator=(Movable&&) noexcept = default;

    //    declaring move operations will suppress generation
    //    of copy operations unless we explicitly re-enable them
    Movable(const Movable&) = default;
    Movable& operator=(const Movable&) = default;

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