Pointers to static member functions

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A static member function is just like an ordinary C/C++ function, except with scope:

So, if you have access to the static member function and decorate it correctly, then you can point to the function like any normal function outside a class:

typedef int Fn(int); // Fn is a type-of function that accepts an int and returns an int

// Note that MyFn() is of type 'Fn'
int MyFn(int i) { return 2*i; }

class Class {
    // Note that Static() is of type 'Fn'
    static int Static(int i) { return 3*i; }
}; // Class

int main() {
    Fn *fn;    // fn is a pointer to a type-of Fn

    fn = &MyFn;          // Point to one function
    fn(3);               // Call it
    fn = &Class::Static; // Point to the other function
    fn(4);               // Call it
 } // main()

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