Redeclaring members from a base class to avoid name hiding

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If a using-declaration occurs at class scope, it is only allowed to redeclare a member of a base class. For example, using std::cout is not allowed at class scope.

Often, the name redeclared is one that would otherwise be hidden. For example, in the below code, only refers to Derived1::foo(const char*) and a compilation error will occur. The function Base::foo(int) is hidden not considered at all. However, is fine because the using-declaration brings Base::foo(int) into the set of entities named foo in Derived2. Name lookup then finds both foos and overload resolution selects Base::foo.

struct Base {
    void foo(int);
struct Derived1 : Base {
    void foo(const char*);
struct Derived2 : Base {
    using Base::foo;
    void foo(const char*);
int main() {
    Derived1 d1;;  // error
    Derived2 d2;;  // OK

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