Sorting built-in arrays

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The sort algorithm sorts a sequence defined by two iterators. This is enough to sort a built-in (also known as c-style) array.

int arr1[] = {36, 24, 42, 60, 59};

// sort numbers in ascending order
sort(std::begin(arr1), std::end(arr1));

// sort numbers in descending order
sort(std::begin(arr1), std::end(arr1), std::greater<int>());

Prior to C++11, end of array had to be “calculated” using the size of the array:

// Use a hard-coded number for array size
sort(arr1, arr1 + 5);

// Alternatively, use an expression
const size_t arr1_size = sizeof(arr1) / sizeof(*arr1);
sort(arr1, arr1 + arr1_size);

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