Template parameter deduction for constructors

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Prior to C++17, template deduction cannot deduce the class type for you in a constructor. It must be explicitly specified. Sometimes, however, these types can be very cumbersome or (in the case of lambdas) impossible to name, so we got a proliferation of type factories (like make_pair(), make_tuple(), back_inserter(), etc.).

This is no longer necessary:

std::pair p(2, 4.5);     // std::pair<int, double>
std::tuple t(4, 3, 2.5); // std::tuple<int, int, double>
std::copy_n(vi1.begin(), 3,
    std::back_insert_iterator(vi2)); // constructs a back_insert_iterator<std::vector<int>>
std::lock_guard lk(mtx); // std::lock_guard<decltype(mtx)>

Constructors are considered to deduce the class template parameters, but in some cases this is insufficient and we can provide explicit deduction guides:

template <class Iter>
vector(Iter, Iter) -> vector<typename iterator_traits<Iter>::value_type>

int array[] = {1, 2, 3};
std::vector v(std::begin(array), std::end(array)); // deduces std::vector<int>

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