Thread operations

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When you start a thread, it will execute until it is finished.

Often, at some point, you need to (possibly - the thread may already be done) wait for the thread to finish, because you want to use the result for example.

int n;
std::thread thread{ calculateSomething, std::ref(n) };

//Doing some other stuff

//We need 'n' now!
//Wait for the thread to finish - if it is not already done

//Now 'n' has the result of the calculation done in the seperate thread
std::cout << n << '\n';

You can also detach the thread, letting it execute freely:

std::thread thread{ doSomething };

//Detaching the thread, we don't need it anymore (for whatever reason)

//The thread will terminate when it is done, or when the main thread returns

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