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An integer type large enough to represent all characters of the largest supported extended character set, also known as the wide-character set. (It is not portable to make the assumption that wchar_t uses any particular encoding, such as UTF-16.)

It is normally used when you need to store characters over ASCII 255 , as it has a greater size than the character type char.

const wchar_t message_ahmaric[] = L"ሰላም ልዑል\n"; //Ahmaric for "hello, world\n"
const wchar_t message_chinese[] = L"你好,世界\n";// Chinese for "hello, world\n"
const wchar_t message_hebrew[]  = L"שלום עולם\n"; //Hebrew for "hello, world\n"
const wchar_t message_russian[] = L"Привет мир\n";  //Russian for "hello, world\n"
const wchar_t message_tamil[]   = L"ஹலோ உலகம்\n"; //Tamil for "hello, world\n"

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