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JoinBlockT1 T2

(Collects 2-3 inputs and combines them into a Tuple)

Like BatchBlock, JoinBlock is able to group data from multiple data sources. In fact, that’s JoinBlock’s primary purpose.

For example, a JoinBlock is an ISourceBlock>.

As with BatchBlock, JoinBlock is capable of operating in both greedy and non-greedy mode.

Processing Requests with a Limited Number of Pooled Objects

var throttle = new JoinBlock<ExpensiveObject, Request>();
for(int i=0; i<10; i++) 
    requestProcessor.Target1.Post(new ExpensiveObject()); 

var processor = new Transform<Tuple<ExpensiveObject, Request>, ExpensiveObject>(pair =>
    var resource = pair.Item1;
    var request = pair.Item2;
    return resource;


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